The Perquimans County EMS division strives to compassionately provide emergency pre-hospital care to the citizens living in and visitors to our county.  Our knowledgeable, skilled EMS technicians will protect the safety and health of the public by facilitating the education, training, and understanding of injury and illness prevention; treat the sick and injured patient by responding to, providing treatment of, and transporting to area hospitals in a professional environment.

EMS Billing Colleton

EMS Billing carries out billing for EMS services. If you have questions about your ambulance bill, please get in touch with Colleton EMS Billing directly by calling 910-694-3145 or visiting them at

The Perquimans County Mobile Integrated Health Care Program

Working Together To Improve Healthcare In Perquimans County

Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) is a person-centered approach to healthcare that comes to you. Everyone has different healthcare-related needs, so our program takes an individualized approach to each citizen it serves. Many factors influence our health, and navigating all the systems that affect health can be overwhelming. By working with community partners and local healthcare organizations, we can help navigate the road to a healthier you. Our program is available to any resident of Perquimans County at no cost.

What are some of the things we can assist you with?

Home Safety & Fall Prevention

Unfortunately, as we age or if our health begins to decline, everyday items in our home can become undue obstacles. We can perform an in-home assessment and make recommendations that may lower your risk of issues such as fall-related injuries.

Emergency Planning & Preparedness

If you are battling chronic illness, facing mobility barriers, or caring for a loved one at home, you can be more vulnerable to emergencies or natural disasters. We can help with planning and preparedness.

Connection To the Most Appropriate Care

The healthcare system is complex and sometimes challenging to navigate. When we don’t feel well or need help and don’t know where to turn, we often call 911 or go to the emergency room. Even though we always receive care this way, it may not offer long-term solutions to our problems. When we talk about the most appropriate care, we mean the care that will get you long-term solutions and prevent you from needing an ambulance or the emergency room. We achieve this goal by providing health education, assisting you with appointments and medication management, and connecting you with other social and community support.

Harm Reduction and Recovery Support

Please come by or contact us at 252-207-8193 if you need syringes, Naloxone (Narcan), or recovery support.

What does your participation look like?

First, we figure out if and how we can assist you. We can get to know you by visiting you at home or talking on the phone. Then, we will create a tailored plan that assist you in achieving your health goals. We will offer continued support until we agree that our assistance is no longer needed. If you wish to end your participation at any point, just let us know. We will also let you know if we can not further assist you.

Please see the Perquimans County MIH Program Brochure for more Information

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Contact Emergency Services

Jonathan Nixon
Emergency Services Director
P.O. Box 563 / 159 Creek Drive
Hertford, NC 27944
(252) 426-5646
Fax: (252) 426-2049

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