New Customers

  • You will be billed once per month.
  • The County reads water meters each month. Your bill will reflect the total gallons used and the reading period that the bill covers.
  • If you are renting, you need to make a $75.00 renter's deposit. This will be refunded back to you at the time you leave if you do not owe a water bill. If you owe a water bill, it will be applied toward your bill.
  • The due date is located at the bottom of your bill. If your bill is not paid in full by that date, there will be a 10 percent penalty added.

Rates for Perquimans County Water System

Effective July 1, 2021

$17.50 minimum bill for the first 1000 gallons, $9 per thousand gallons after the minimum.

Water Tap Fees

3/4 " = $1,500.00                      1" = $2,500.00                            2" = $5,000.00

The County Water Service Line will be a 1" service. The customer will decide which size meter he will have and pay for.

Billings and Reconnections

All bills for the Perquimans County Water System must be paid at the Water Department Office located at 159 Creek Drive, Hertford, NC  27944 or postmarked on or before the date that the bill is due or a late penalty charge will be assessed.

Late Payment Penalty

All Perquimans County Water bills will be due upon presentation. A late payment penalty or charge in the amount of 10% of the billing amount will be added to customer's bills when payment is received after seventeen days from the billing date on that bill. In any billing month, if the previous month's bill has not been paid, the customer's water service will be turned off after twenty-five days from the billing date of the second month billing. When water service is authorized to be turned off for non-payment of a bill, the total amount owed by that customer must be paid in full plus the appropriate reconnection fee before water service will be restored. Perquimans County Water System will accept all payments received in the Monday mail, following the Friday date that bills are due, as being paid on time and not subject to late payment penalty. All bills received in the mail on Monday will be counted as on time, regardless of postmark for those bills that were due on the previous Friday.

Meter Reconnections/Turn Ons

The fee for the reconnection/turn on of any meter for water service will be $25.00. This policy concerning turn on and reconnection is applicable for all new and existing customers of the County Water System and will apply to all situations in which an individual is disconnected from water service. Any water user who applies for water service and whose previous indebtedness has not been paid off will be required to give the water system a deposit in an amount equal to three (3) months billing for his/her previous water usage.

Returned Check Policy

The Perquimans Water System will charge $40.00 to any customer for a check returned to the County for non-sufficient funds that has been presented for payment of billings to the water system. The $40.00 returned check charge is to be collected in the same manner as the reconnection service charge is presently administered. The $40.00 returned check/non-sufficient fund charge is to assist in the cost and extra work involved as a result of having a customer's check for payment returned. If a check is returned to the County as a result of an error by a banking institution, the Water System will cancel the $40.00 returned check charge to customer upon written proof, from the bank involved, being received that the error was made by the bank.

Contact the Water Department

Nick Lolies
Water Supervisor
P.O. Box 7 / 159 Creek Drive
Hertford, NC 27944
Fax: (252)426-4034